Bank as a platform.

Transparency as an asset.

The Open Bank Project is an open source API and App store for banks that empowers financial institutions to securely and rapidly enhance their digital offerings using an ecosystem of 3rd party applications and services.

For Banks

Bring innovation to your door and deliver a greater range of applications and services securely and cost effectively to your customers. Control and monitize your API and gain insight through data analytics.

For Developers

Easily deploy to a wide range of banks using our RESTful JSON API that provides OAuth 1.0 authentication. Gain attention through our App Store (coming soon). Try our sandbox. See the API docs here.

For Customers

Businesses: Securely connect accounting systems and bank accounts. Consumers: Enjoy a richer variety of innovative and specialized applications. NGO's and Governments: Promote and leverage open data. Examples.

For Society

Benefit from greater banking innovation and competition. Target corruption and improve trust and engagement through increased financial transparency, inclusion and online dialogue.