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Welcome to our agile roadmap! Future versions are likely to be modified / re-prioritised based on demand from developers and banks - so the following should be seen as an indication of direction rather than something set in stone. If you have a particular requirement or would like to comment or help us specify, please get in touch.


= Done =

Version 1.2.1

This version is stable. For the specification see here or here

Version 1.3.0

This version is stable. For the specification see here or here

New features included:

Version 1.4.0

This version is stable. For the spec see here or here

New features included:

  • Branch Locations
  • Customer messages
  • ATM Locations
  • Customer information
  • Financial products offered by the bank (account types, category, family, link to more info)
  • Payment Orders with Security Challenges

Documentation Upgrade (in 1.4.0)

  • OBP API Explorer

See API Explorer on Sandbox

  • API call for documentation

See Resource Docs endpoint

Docker containers

  • Run OBP, API Explorer and Social Finance (a reference App) in Docker.

See Docker obp-full

Kafka connector

  • Get transactions via Kafka bus and language neutral connector on the south side of the MQ

See Docker obp-full-kafka

Documentation Upgrade

  • Swagger support (Work in Progress)

Version 2.0.0

  • Move View Permission fields into separate resource so account resource is less cluttered.
  • Rename other_count to counterparty in new API references
  • Customer acquisition and on boarding (user registration, customer, KYC documents, KYC media, status)
  • Get All Accounts At All Banks
  • Get Account By Id (updated)
  • Create Entitlement
  • Create KYC Check
  • Create KYC Document
  • Create KycMedia
  • Create KycStatus
  • Create Social Media Handle
  • Get All Accounts At One Bank
  • Create Account
  • Create Customer
  • Create Meeting
  • Create User
  • Create User Customer Links
  • Delete Entitlement
  • Elastic Search Metrics
  • Elastic Search Warehouse
  • Get All Entitlements
  • Get Core Account By Id
  • Get Core Transactions For Bank Account
  • Get CurrentUser
  • Get Customers
  • Get Entitlements
  • Get Kyc Checks
  • Get Kyc Documents
  • Get Kyc Media
  • Get Kyc Statuses
  • Get Meeting
  • Get Meetings
  • Get Permission For User For Bank Account
  • Get Permissions For Bank Account
  • Get Social Media Handles
  • Get Transaction Types
  • Get User
  • Get Private Accounts At All Banks
  • Get Private Accounts At One Bank
  • Get Public Accounts At All Banks
  • Get Public Accounts At One Bank

Version 2.1.0

  • Sandbox Import. This is now a documented call.
  • Get Transaction Request Types Supported By Bank
  • Create Transaction Request (updated)
  • Answer Transaction Request Challenge (updated)
  • Get Transaction Requests (updated)
  • Get Roles (new)
  • Get Entitlements By Bank And User (new)
  • Get Consumer (App) (new)
  • Get Consumers (App) (new)
  • Enable Disable Consumers (Apps) (new)
  • Create Cards For Bank (new)
  • Get Users (new)
  • Create Transaction Type (new)
  • Create Counterparty (new)
  • Get Atm (new) (Previously we just had the plural)
  • Get Branch (new) (Previously we just had the plural)
  • Get Product (new) (Previously we just had the plural)
  • Get Customer (updated with customer rating and credit limit)

API Manager has been added to manage consumers, users, roles etc.. See API Manager

OBP JVM has been added to abstract message queue / core banking connections. See OBP JVM

= Future =

OAuth Documentation Upgrade

  • Update OAuth docs so API root links are clearly place holders
  • Update SDK docs so API root links are clearly place holders

Version 2.2.0

  • Firehose / Elastic Search access to Accounts / Transactions
  • Web Hocks (on balance change etc.)

Version 2.3.0

Intended features:

  • Account type becomes a Type instead of String
  • Add product_code to Account which links to Financial Product

Version 2.5.0

Intended features:

  • Offers

Version 2.6.0

Intended features:

  • Extended Customer information (contact info, social info, summary of portfolio across the bank)
  • Beneficiary management

Version 2.7.0

Intended features:

  • Overdrafts (limit, interest rate, approval date, utilization)
  • Loans (size, reason, interest rate, approval date, utilization)
  • Mortgages (size, reason, property, details)
  • Applications and status of the above

Version 2.8.0

Intended features:

  • Fixed term deposits (size, term, interest rate, constraints)
  • Savings accounts (interest rate, constraints)