For Customers

Enjoy a wider range of modern banking applications

The Open Bank Project enables banking customers (You!) to use a wider range of software applications and services to securely connect to your bank accounts. You select the apps you like on the bank App store - and importantly, you never share your login credentials with these applications.

How? The Open Bank Project is an API that abstracts away the differences in banking systems and provides a uniform technical interface so that software developers can easily build secure services on top of the bank. It is very secure because when using these applications you always log into the bank. Neither the applications nor the API see your passwords.

A list of Open Bank Project enabled apps can be seen here


  • Securely connect accounting and ERP systems with your bank accounts 
  • Build custom apps for your own needs

These apps might be interesting to you: Momentum, Kashflow, The Social Finance Application


  • Enjoy a richer variety of innovative and specialized applications
  • Connect to your bank account on desktop, mobile or any other platforms

These apps might be interesting to you: Moneygarden, Spend Chart, Kinder Bank

NGO's and Governments

  • Pioneer financial transparency at the transaction level 
  • Bring transaction data to life and better engage your stakeholders
  • Promote and leverage open data

These apps might be interesting to you: The Social Finance Application, Money Journey 
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